• Are your important files backed up?

  • Can you quickly recover from a failed hard drive?

  • Do you have a regular Backup plan?

If you have important data on your PC, Laptop or Server and answered no to any of these questions then please keep reading.

In today’s world we do a lot that depends on our computers and data but don’t always prepare for the worst care scenarios.

We have many different options to help you backup your valuable data and keep it safe as well prepare for disaster recovery.

A little money spent on a backup plan could save you thousands that it would cost to retrieve data from a failed hard drive not to mention lost productivity in a workplace environment.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about different strategies then contact us to setup a free phone consultation.

Recommended Backup Methods

External Backup Devices


One of the most common methods and least expensive is to use an external device such as a USB Hard Drive or a USB Thumb Drive. A good drive coupled with either the built in Windows backup utility or a good backup software package such as Acronis Home is a good place to start and would be ideal for most home users. The portability allows for safe keeping away from the PC in case of fire or theft.Contact us to find out if this is right for you.

Online Backup


Also called remote or managed backup, online backup is usually a subscription service which allows users to store and backup their computer files. This is a great method for backing up your data without the hardware investment. Instead of buying the physical device to backup your files at, you can simply subscribe to the services of an online backup company. Some services also provide remote access to your backed up data for off site accessibility. Sampsonics Computer is a iBackup Online Backup reseller. Click here to learn more!!

Windows Home Server


If you are serious about your home or small business network then Windows Home Server may be just what you are looking for. WHS consists of a centrally located low cost server that allows you to store and share files, backup connected PCs  and much more. With WHS you can control access to folders and even access your server remotely. This is the perfect “starter” server if you are looking for centralized storage and have less than 10 computers on your network. Contact us to find out if this is right for you. 

Network Attached Storage


Network Attached Storage or NAS devices are similar to WHS in the respect that they are a centrally located storage point on your network. These devices connect directly to you network through your router to provide storage to all other connected devices. You can store music and videos on these and access the files through most smart TVs also. They come in all different storage sizes and have one or many internal hard drives. We prefer to use 2 or 4 disk models run in a RAID configuration to prevent data loss in case of a drive failure. If you want central storage and dont need all the bells and whistles of a WHS  then this may be the option for you. Contact us to find out more!

Windows Small Business Server

Windows Small Business Server is an affordable, all-in-one solution to reduce complexity and increase manageability of server technology in a small business environment. If you need a Domain controller with centralized administration and data storage then Windows Small Business server might be the next step for your small business. Contact us to arrange an On-Site Consultation


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